A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Hello everyone! My name is Donovan Navarro, I am the creator of CrystalGms. This time I bring you another of my game, called "Castle Defense", where you must try to fight the aliens, protect your castle, there are many of these, so be very careful! The game features 10 levels and a hidden level!

Only to $3.99

(Remember that 10% of the payment is a tax for itch.io)

My youtube channel is: Donovan Navarro Games


  • Fantasy Violence
  • Realistic Bloodshed
  • Intense Cartoon Violence
  • Mild Languaje
  • Comical Mischief

Install instructions

  1. Download file "Castle_Defense.rar"
  2. Extract the archive
  3. Go to "Programs" folder and install CII (using x32 if your computer is 32 bits, if the x86 64-bit)
  4. Install "ciiInstaller" file
  5. Open the "Castle_Defense" application and go!


Castle_Defense.rar 2 MB
Castle_Defense_DEMO.rar 2 MB